VP of Development to Seal Software

Seal Software continues to grow and advance on the market of contract discovery and analytics. We are now searching for a VP of Development who will be responsible for the continuous deliveries from our development department together with our teams.

Your everyday life

You will work with teams in Gothenburg, Cairo and Charlotte and your focus will be on ensuring efficiency while maintaining a high quality product and a strong dedication from the teams. You will report to our CTO, work closely with different internal stakeholders and be responsible for quarterly reports to the executive team to follow up on the progress. Since having teams on three different sites, your job will require regular travels to Egypt and US.


As a VP of Development you will be the main hub between our three development offices and have an overall responsibility for the outcome and deliverables of the product.

Your main responsibility is to ensure that your department delivers as planned and stay updated on how the progress is moving forward on different sites through collaboration with Product Owners. That includes proactively identifying and removing project obstacles or barriers on behalf of the team. You should also communicate and demonstrate a shared sense of purpose. To make sure that all development requirements are met, you’ll also need to collaborate with IT and Managers on all sites. Your job will also include overseeing and adjusting budgets, both on a local and international level, recruitment- and workforce planning, performance reviews together with the managing directors and making sure that we have an understanding on how the development department is performing on an overall, international level. In addition to your development teams, you will also be working with integration projects with partners as well as new acquisitions with the goal to effectively onboard new resources.

Your profile

The position requires experience in working with large, distributed teams and having the ability to manage the growth of the development organisation, which includes planning where to place people and functions to gain most efficiency. You will also need to have experience with merging different ways of working and be able to create processes that fit different locations, as they will differ.

We believe you have a strong analytical side and are able to weigh in different approaches and possibilities before making a decision. You have great people skills and are used to working closely to highly technically skilled teams. You also have well developed communication skills, a confident and structured approach to your job and a desire to make a difference with the work you do.

The position also requires a strong understanding and experience in agile methodologies and continuous integration/delivery experience is desired. You have a minimum of 12 years of working in the software development field and have a degree in Computer Science or a equivalent major. A previous experience as a software developer is ideal and it would be great if you had knowledge in Data Science, Statistics, Natural Language Processing or Machine learning as well. You are interested and keep yourself updated on what’s happening within the development market and love to discuss how to incorporate new solutions with your teams.

Do you want to know more?

In this recruitment Seal Software collaborate with Sigma Recruit. If you would like to know more, contact the responsible recruitment consultant Patrik Jensen, +46 70 2375734, patrik.jensen@sigma.se or Mikaela Jahreskog, Mikaela.jahreskog@sigma.se, +46 70 2487241.
Welcome with your application on www.sigmarecruit.se/jobb. Selections and interviews will be held continuously, please apply as soon as possible.

About Seal Software

Seal Software is the leading provider of contract discovery, data extraction, and analytics. With Seal’s machine learning and natural language processing technologies, companies can find contracts of any file type across their networks, quickly understand what risks or opportunities are hidden in their contracts, and place them in a centralized repository. Based in San Francisco, Seal empowers enterprises around the world to maximize revenue opportunities, reduce costs, and mitigate risks associated with contractual documents, systems, and processes.

For more information, visit Seal Software at: www.seal-software.com. Connect with Seal Software on Twitter (@SealSoftware), Facebook (Seal Software) and LinkedIn.

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